High-quality digital printer for printing on fabrics

The constant technical challenges presented by clients, combined with the company’s commitment to remaining always up-to-date in its role as a leader in technological evolution, led to the creation of Monna Lisa ®, a brand known today throughout the global textile industry as a reference standard in digital printing on fabrics.

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Monna Lisa: the range

The Monna Lisa® standard versions are available in three different printing widths: 180, 220 and 320 cm. The 180 and 220 versions can be equipped with 16, 32 or 48 Epson T2 printing heads. The 320 cm version is available with 16 or 32 Epson T2 printing heads.

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Driving the Monna Lisa® Evo Tre is a new printhead array featuring Epson’s advanced PrecisionCore technology. With 128 PrecisionCore MicroTFP print chips configured in 32 4-chip printheads, the array provides 12,800 nozzles* for each colour for outstanding productivity.

* In the 8-color configuration

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